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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I point a second domain to my web space?

Yes - You will need to purchase a web redirect plan.

Where can I manage my DNS?

To manage your domain and change your nameservers you need to login to manage.aussiehq.com.au.

To edit your DNS records you need to login to your Plesk control panel and select the DNS option, you will need to contact support the first time to have the option enabled for you.

How can I have a backup restored?

To request a backup restore, simply email detailing your domain name, and what needs to be restored support@aussiehq.com.au.

Our support team will advise the available backups, and any charges associated with the backup restore.

Can I use my own mail server with your hosting?

Yes. When using your own mail server, you will need to disable the mail service for your domain in your control panel. If you are using our DNS servers, you will also need to make appropriate changes to the MX entries to direct the mail to your server.

If you're unsure how to do this, send an email to advising us of the IP of your mail server and we can make the necessary changes for you support@aussiehq.com.au.

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you have lost your account password, please email requesting that your welcome email be re-issued accounts@aussiehq.com.au.

Account details can only be released to the account owner, and pre-authorised account contacts.

What should I check before contacting support?

If you are experiencing a difficulty accessing your website or email, first check that the problem is not on your end. Ensure that you can access other popular websites on the internet such as msn.com or google.com.

If you are also not able to reach these websites, then it is likely that you have a problem with your internet connectivity. Please contact your system administrator or ISP.

Where do I access my hosting control panel?

You can access your control panel by going to in your web browser https://expand.alpha.aussiehq.net.au.